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Candles, Cakes and Grandparents


My Grandmother is an interesting person not only is she the mother of my mother, which is apparently a common attribute. Secondly, she has killed more of my pets than any other person. I believe this started as a retaliation for an injury she suffered by the hands of myself and the teeth of my brother’s pet gerbil cinnamon. Continue reading “Candles, Cakes and Grandparents”

Swears words, Permanent Markers and Substitute teachers.


Growing up I seemed to gather a lot more information on the adult world compared to my prepubescent peers. This was not because I was maturing faster or was able to comprehend the immenseness of the “real world”, but more to do with the parental guidance I had reserved from my father and mother. Both not bad parents, pretty good actually, however their equal ambivalence towards child suitable content was not troublesome or horrific, but possibly mildly scarring. Continue reading “Swears words, Permanent Markers and Substitute teachers.”

A is for Anxiety


I would like to say this is very different to my normal posts, about kooky stories of youth and is directly more personal to myself, rather than the character of WindUpToy. This is my story, not really even a story more of a ramble, people who are affected by mental illness, unaware they are or feeling they might be, please take this as a personal experience and my feelings and logics might be vastly different from yours. Continue reading “A is for Anxiety”